Zolleggiamo! | A wonderful story of a friendship: The whale and the snail
Zolleggiamo, il blog di consigli di letture della scuola paritaria La Zolla, suggerisce ai bambini di 6-8 anni la storia "The whale and the snail"
zolleggiamo, letture consigliate dalla scuola La Zolla, 6-8 anni, The whale and the snail
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The whale and the snail

Julia Donaldson

The whale and the snail

zolleggiamo the snail and the whaleRecensione di: Pia (insegnante).

This is a very nice story about a whale and a little snail. They live an adventure, they cross seas, they see long and sunny beaches, dangerous volcanoes, dark forests and at the end , when the whale is in danger, the little snail helps its friend to come back in the sea.
It’s a wonderful story of a friendship; children can learn that also if they are young and small they can help other people.
As usual there are a lot of beautiful pictures .
  • Autore: Julia Donaldson
  • Casa editrice: Penguin young readers
  • Genere: Storie per l’infanzia in Inglese
  • Eta’: 6-8 anni
  • Giudizio in breve: Mi ha fatto crescere
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