Zolleggiamo! | The smartest giant in town: the story of a generous giant will teach a lot of new words about clothes
Zolleggiamo, il blog di consigli di letture della scuola paritaria La Zolla, suggerisce ai bambini di 6-8 anni la storia "The smartest giant in town"
zolleggiamo, letture consigliate dalla scuola La Zolla, 6-8 anni, The smartest giant in town
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The smartest giant in town

Julia Donaldson

The smartest giant in town

zolleggiamo the smartest giantRecensione di: Pia (insegnante).

Useful to teach words about clothes, it tells the story of a strange giant living in a town. he is tired of his old clothes,so he goes in a clothes shop and he buys new ones. but from that moment he meets many little animals that needs his help and he gives them his new smart tie, his new colourful socks…….. at he end he puts on his old clothes but he’s very happy!!
Nice story about unselfishness, it teaches to be generous and to help people in danger.
  • Autore: Julia Donaldson
  • Casa editrice: Macmillian
  • Genere: Storie per l’infanzia in Inglese
  • Eta’: 6-8 anni
  • Giudizio in breve: Mi ha fatto crescere
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