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Zolleggiamo, il blog di consigli di letture della scuola paritaria La Zolla, suggerisce ai bambini di 3-5 anni "From head to toe".
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From head to toe

Eric Carle

From head to toe

zolleggiamo, from head to toeRecensione di: Tracey  (insegnante madrelingua)

This is a great book for teaching English to young children. The book is simple, rhythmical repetitive and easy to read. Its great for learning animal names and movements in English.
The book is composed as a chant and a song in order to re-enforce memory.

Its also useful for teaching simple grammar structures such as ” I can” and “can you?”

These structures are repeated throughout the book asking ” can you”?
Free interaction is encouraged between the reader and the listeners encouraging children to use the target language.

The children’s confidence is also boosted using the phrase ” I can do it” many times too!


  • Autore: Eric Carle
  • Casa editrice: Bohem
  • Genere: Albo illustrato
  • Eta’: 3-5 anni
  • Giudizio in breve: mi ha fatto crescere
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